With resolution no. 3869 of 17 November 2020, the regional council approved the measure “Yes! Lombardia ”, which supports micro-enterprises and self-employed workers with individual VAT numbers not registered in the Business Register, who have been particularly affected by the restrictions imposed by the containment of the Covid-19 contagion.
The concessions consist in the granting of a one-off non-repayable grant as compensation for the situation of particular hardship, without the obligation to report related expenses. The total financial endowment is 54.5 million. EUR.
Notice 1 for micro-enterprises is published and available as an attachment at the bottom of the page and in the Official Bulletin of the Lombardy Region, SO 47, of November 19, 2020.

1. to submit the application for assistance, the micro-enterprise must have an active profile on online calls. The instructions for prior registration of online calls are detailed in paragraph C.1.c alert 1.
2. it is necessary to carefully monitor the IBAN because in case of typing error the application will be invalid and will no correction to be made
3. it is suggested to use SPID-Digital Identity System or TS / CNS-Health Card National Service Card for access to online calls since in this way there is no need to digitally sign the application.

For more information or assistance in submitting the application, you can contact Dr. Lisa D'Amario, Bandi Office, at one of the local offices of Confartigianato or at the e-mail address

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